2000-2004 Ford Excursion Front Leaf Pack Suspension Lift Kit & Adjustable Track Bar 4WD 4x4

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Product Number: A4062


  • 2x Front Carbon Steel Lift Spring Packs
  • 4x Premium Electrostatic Powder Coated U-Bolts
  • Adjustable Track Bar
  • Installation Instructions


Lift your truck with Supreme Suspensions' carbon steel leaf pack and you WILL achieve your desired results, along with a guaranteed perfect fit! Designed by the experts with your OEM ride quality and comfort in mind, Supreme Suspensions offers a huge variety of lifts which provide you with the exact height you NEED to achieve the exact look you WANT.

Support your truck with the necessary components and accessories from Supreme Suspensions. While lifting your truck 2?-6?, this Anti-Wobble adjustable track bar will guarantee your front axle remains in tact and properly located in its OEM position. This is the thickest and strongest steel track bar you will find for your truck, so don’t settle for anything less. Our experts have specifically manufactured this track bar with your factory ride quality in mind. From structural integrity to quality hardware, we have you covered, so please, install with confidence.

NOTES: Fits 4WD models only.

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