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Video: 2010 Toyota Tacoma Upper Control Arm Mid-Travel 3.5 inch Lift

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Hey folks and welcome to the supreme suspensions channel. With us today is a Toyota Tacoma. Yes, I know, we’ve got like thirty-seven thousand other Toyota trucks on our chanel but, you know, we’re going to keep adding more because they built a ton of them for a long time. They’re really well made and we’re constantly adding new products.

This particular one came to us from our friends friends over at Klutch Offroad and it’s kind of a little unusual for us. It came in already with about two and a half inches of lift. But they’re looking to go higher. They want to put some new wheels and tires onto it and we need to make room for that.

They’re talking three and a half inches of lift is what they want to do and you might say that’s absolutely crazy on a Tacoma. It’s gonna bang, it’s gonna rub and you’ll never get it aligned and you’re correct.

But we do have an ace up our sleeve. We’ve got these brand-new chromoly tubular control arms. And the short of it is that they kind of re-position that upper ball joint in relation to the rest of the suspension so it’s going to eliminate all those clearance issues we just talked about. It’s also going to let you get the alignment back into spec. So let’s heat into the shop and see how all this fits.

Once you get the wheels off, undo the clips for the ABS wiring… and the brackets for the brake line.

Unclip the electrical connector from the wheel speed sensor.

Remove the brake caliper and hang it out of the way.

Slide the rotor off and set it aside.

Undo the top of the swaybar link from the spindle… then get the low side from the sway bar.

Pull the cotter pin from the tie rod end… then remove the nut… then whack the spindle with a hammer to unseat the tie rod.

Remove the cotter pin from the upper ball joint… and buzz the nut off… Then grab that hammer again to unseat the joint.

Remove the bolt from the lower strut mount… and then go after the three upper strut mounts.

Now you can wiggle that strut out of the truck.

Before you go after the upper control arm, bend htat inner fender out a little so it can clear that long bolt. Be careful of the airbag wiring that runs behind there because that is definitely not a circuit that you want to short out.

Undo that long bolt holding the control arm in place. Slide it forward so that the control arm can drop out.

This particular truck already had a mild leveling kit installed so we had to remove the spacers that were already there. Install the included spacer onto the strut and tighten the factory hardware to 47 foot pounds.

Install the ney control arm with an included washer on either side of each bushing. Make sure that the bishings get a generous amount of grease before driving. Tighten that long bolt to 60 foot pounds.

Slide the strut back into the vehicle… and tighten the upper mounts to 47 foot pounds.

Attach the strut to the lower control arm and run that bolt down to 100 foot pounds.

Assemble the uni-ball joint and attach it to the steering knuckle with the included bolt tightened to 81 foot pounds.

Attach the tie rod to the steering knuckle and tighten the nut to 67 foot pounds.

]install the sway bar link and tighten both nuts to 52 foot pounds.

Install the brake rotor and caliper and tighten the caliper bolts to 90 foot pounds.

Re-attach the brackets for the brake line and ABS wiring.

Finally, try and bend that inner fender back as best as you can.

Moving to the back, support the rear axle.

Install c-clamps onto the spring packs on either side of the axle to keep everything aligned.

Disconnect the U-bolts and remove the backing plated from underneath the axle.

Disconnect the lower shock mounts.

Lower the axle and install the blocks between the axle and the spring packs. Make sure that the pins on the blocks are facing down.

Raise the axle while making sure everything lines up.

Install the U-bolts and backing plates and run the nuts down to 37 foot pounds.

Reattach the shocks to the axle and tighten the bolts to 74 foot pounds.

Install the wheels and you’re ready to go. Those lugnuts get 83 foot pounds.

We are really stoked with how all that turned out. The new control arms went in without a hitch and helped compensate for that tree and a half inch lift that we just stuck in there. We also put two inches in the back to help get it ready for those new wheels and tires.

That said, we hope you enjoyed watching this video. If you did, please hit like. If this is your first time checking out our channel, please hit subscribe. If you have any questions about our products, whether you need to know what’s going to fit on your car or you’ve already bought something and you need help putting it in, please give us a call. If you’re dealing with it, I’m sure we’ve dealt with it before. Thanks for watching and have a great rest of your day.

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