Have You Seen StanceWorks' FJ62 Land Cruiser???

While fine folks over at StanceWorks of Tustin, CA (just a few exits down the 5 from Supreme Suspensions’ own headquarters) have made their name by procuring fantastic images of tastefully modified, yet delightfully snotty sports cars, their free time of late has been spent putting together a brilliant resto-mod FJ62 Land Cruiser. They drove it up to Yosemite, had a great time with a dog called Chloe, and all was right in the world until last week when some ghastly thieves took it from Tustin, Orange County, CA.


***UPDATE: Per Mike Burrough’s Instagram, the old girl has turned up relatively unscathed!***

In case you haven’t noticed, well-sorted 1980’s Land Crushers are becoming rare sights, especially with high-end mods. Per SW’s web site, here is a run-down of the old Yota’s details:

1988 FJ62 Land Cruiser
Blue/Grey in Color
TN License Plate, 58367AA
Has an ARB front bumper, SuperWinch, 3-Spoke LodioDrive wheels, Nitto Trail Grappler tires, and a newly installed swing out rear bumper.
It’s a very distinctive truck, especially the wheels. If you see the truck, or any of the parts pop up for sale please call the police.

It’s a rare truck with some unusual mods so hopefully someone, somewhere will stumble on a clue regarding its whereabouts. If you happen upon a lead and your local authorities don’t know what you’re talking about, you can reach the Orange County Sheriff’s Department at (714) 647-7000.

Let’s see if we can help StanceWorks restore their faith in being able to keep nice things.

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