Reasons To Replace Upper Control Arms in a Lifted Vehicle
Offroad pickup

Anytime you lift a vehicle, you should be prepared to make a few adjustments to other parts of the suspension to keep it all compatible. Making the appropriate changes to the rest of your ride will also help it to perform better with its new lift. Here are a few excellent reasons to replace upper control arms in a lifted vehicle.

Improves Wheel Travel

Wheel travel is the vertical distance that a vehicle’s wheels can move. On a lifted vehicle, especially one that is used for off-roading or similar activities, this is particularly important. Replacing the original upper control arm with an aftermarket part increases the wheel travel of the vehicle, keeping it as level as possible when it travels over bumpy terrain.

Increases Clearance

In addition to improving wheel travel, replacement upper control arms help to increase the ride height and clearance of your vehicle. As a vehicle is lifted, the upper control arm moves farther down and can even begin to rub against other components of the suspension. This can be remedied by replacing the old control arm with a new one that is specifically equipped for the new, lifted geometry of your vehicle.

Strengthens Suspension

While factory control arms are well equipped for normal driving, they can’t always handle the kind of intense driving that comes with off-roading. A stronger control arm will wear out less quickly under that pressure than an original. A replacement upper control arm will also strengthen your suspension system overall, giving you that peace of mind while driving your vehicle.

Overall, the reasons to replace upper control arms in a lifted vehicle are all quite compelling—in most situations, a replacement upper control arm simply functions better with a lifted vehicle than the factory version does. If you’ve been searching for aftermarket upper control arms for lifted trucks to improve your vehicle, end that search with a part from Supreme Suspensions’ inventory.

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