The Top Benefits of Replacing Upper Control Arms
The Top Benefits of Replacing Upper Control Arms

Many people have discussed the question of how long you should wait to replace your vehicle’s control arms. Because the control arm controls wheel travel, wheel alignment, and how the wheels interact with the suspension itself, they are an important component that many people choose to replace or upgrade. That said, if you are already making modifications to your suspension, you will probably be required to replace the upper control arms anyways! No matter what your situation is, here are the top benefits of replacing upper control arms.

Aftermarket Upper Control Arms Are Stronger Than Stock

In most cases, the manufacturer will put on stock control arms. This means that they meet the minimum requirements per the vehicle’s specifications. As a result, this can mean that the factory control arms will not stand up to anything above normal use. If you have plans to go off-roading, you will probably need to ensure that your ride can stand up to the jostling and heavy use that goes into the control arms. If necessary, you may need to replace them.

Improves the Ride Quality on Any Truck

Besides being stronger than stock control arms, upgraded control arms can improve the truck's ride quality. Most kits offer a smoother and better ride than the factory models for both on-road and off-road driving. Additionally, replacement control arms will often weigh less than stock control arms. With this reduced weight comes superior responsiveness and action of the suspension.

Can Increase Ride Height

For those who are looking to install lift kits, upper control arms are a must. However, what many will not realize is that the control arms can increase the ride height. While some may not see this as a big deal, remember that with lift kits, every inch counts! Even centimeters can count when traveling on those tight off-road trails.

It should be evident that replacing your upper control arms can provide huge benefits for your ride quality and driving experience. If you are looking to upgrade your suspension using aftermarket upper control arms for lifted trucks, stop by Supreme Suspensions. We have a fantastic selection of all aftermarket suspension items at competitive prices!

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