Tips To Make Wheel Spacer Installation Easy
Tips To Make Wheel Spacer Installation Easy

Wheel spacers are one of the few components that may really tighten up the aesthetic of your vehicle. While you can acquire a set of low or negative offset wheels, there's no disputing that wheel spacers are less expensive if you want to achieve the same look. Wheel spacers improve not only the appearance of your car, but also its overall performance. However, as you might expect, fitting wheel spacers incorrectly will not only make your car look ugly, but will also make it risky to drive. Here are some of the best tips to make wheel spacer installation easy!

How Can You Make Wheel Spacer Installation Easier?

Wheel spacers are relatively simple to install when it comes to automotive modifications. Of course, you'll only be able to do so if you have the correct wheel spacers. The reason why wheel spacers are so contentious in the first place is that drivers frequently purchase the incorrect size, type, or low-quality spacers, which is a recipe for catastrophe. Installing them should be simple, as long as you double-check the fitment. After you install these spacers, you are sure to notice the amazing benefits of these upgrades immediately.

Get the Right Wheel Spacer for Your Car

Wheel spacer safety is a whole other discussion. Hub-centric wheel spacers derive their name from their design, which places the bolt and stud holes in the center of the spacer, perfectly aligning them with the hub's center. However, not all hubs are built the same, with many having different numbers of bolts and openings. Getting the correct spacers will not only make this whole installation process a lot faster and easier, but employing the right type of spacer guarantees that the load from your car is distributed uniformly throughout the hub, making it an extremely safe and effective upgrade.

Which Tools Will You Need?

You'll also need the correct tools once you've found the right spacers. If you're concerned about safety, don't use the wrong tool—that's a recipe for disaster. Rather, invest in a good mechanic's toolset that includes all the necessary wrenches and socket sets. With that in mind, here are the tools you'll need to safely install your wheel spacers:

  • Wire brush
  • ⅜” socket set (with sizes to fit your lug nuts)
  • Carjack
  • Tire iron
  • Two quality jack stands (verify weight capacity)
  • Wheel chocks
  • Brake cleaner
  • A torque wrench with a 38" diameter (at least 100-ft-lbs)

We hope this article has given you some great tips to make wheel spacer installation easy. If you are looking to purchase hub-centric wheel spacers, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions! We have a great selection of wheel spacers to ensure that we have what you’re looking for.

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