Video: Actual Adults Injure Themselves Racing Power Wheels

Ahh, that awkward week between Christmas and New Year’s. You’re overfed but haven’t started going back to the gym yet, you might be at your office but you’re totally mailing it in, and you’re kids are (relatively) occupied with a fresh pile of shoddily made toys, thanks to a healthy trade agreement with China. But what about all the stuff you bought them in years past? Notably, that stupid, tiny, Power Wheels Jeep for which you plunked down three Benjamins so that it can now sit in a corner of your garage, collecting dust, next to old paint buckets and a set of snow tires to a car that your spouse totaled three years ago. Well, the folks over at Busted Knuckle Films have been throwing an annual event that can put your progeny’s forgotten hunk of plastic to good use, even if the battery no longer holds a charge.


While details regarding the history of the event remain sparse, it seems that since at least 2010, the crew has been gathering at Morris Mountain ORV Park in Delta, AL with a fleet of re-purposed Power Wheels. With the running gear removed, they then drag their tiny chariots to the top of a designated course and embark on a no-holds-barred race to the bottom. Many enter but few finish. Competition is fierce and people get hurt. It’s kind of like crap can racing, except with kids’ toys and in a forest.

Check out Busted Knuckle’s YouTube channel for coverage of previous events as well as some righteously legit off-roading videos featuring some real-deal rigs.

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