Video: Supreme Suspensions® Poly Pro Spacer Kit

Check out our versatile new Supreme Suspensions® Poly Pro Spacer Kit. Ideal product for dealers and shops. Fits multiple makes and models so you save on shelf and/or warehouse space.

Introducing our Proprietary Polyurethane Spacer kits. Perfect for installers of all types from smaller repair shops to massive off-road specialty stores.

Our versatile spacers fit a broad range of applications from Nissan Titans, to Ford F-150s, to Chevy Silverado 1500/GMC Sierra 1500s. They are a single piece construction cold cast using a proprietary polyurethane blend and machine finished for a perfect fitment. Each spacer kit gets paired with a set of CNC turned stud extensions to provide extra reach for the OE studs. Easily align and mount the holes to the strut assembly of the application of your choice.

With the Supreme Suspensions® Poly Pro Spacer line, you can now carry just one spacer and a few select hardware packs to cover dozens of applications that may roll into your shop.

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