What Is the Purpose of Truck Control Arms?
What Is the Purpose of Truck Control Arms?

If you consider lifting your truck, it will make your life easier to know what parts need to be replaced. One of the most important parts of a suspension system is the control arms. Sadly, even with how important these suspension pieces are, many still do not know much about them. Here is the purpose of truck control arms!

What Is a Control Arm

The control arms in a vehicle are one of the core components of a suspension system. These components are responsible for securing a direct connection between the front wheel assemblies and the frame of the vehicle. These arms are usually compromised of either stamped steel, cast iron, or even cast aluminum. These materials give the control arms unparalleled toughness that enables them to wear out a lot slower.

What Are the Control Arms For?

Control arms serve as one of the primary components of a suspension system. As such, they served as the direct connection points between the wheels and the suspension. Furthermore, the control arms are responsible for keeping the wheels against the ground when encountering bumps. As such, control arm construction is actually quite complex, giving opportunity for a lot of mechanical malfunctions over time.

How To Know When Your Control Arms Need To Be Replaced

Even though control arms are meant to take a lot of stress and impact, they can still wear out! Typically, there are a few obvious signs that will help you determine whether or not you need to replace your control arms for your lifted truck. Some of the most obvious signs include:

  • Vibrating when accelerating to highway speeds
  • Uneven tire wear
  • Knocking and clicking sounds from the suspension
  • Unnecessary rocking within the cabin

We hope that this overview has helped you understand the purpose of control arms for lifted trucks! We have a selection of control arms for most makes and models of trucks and Jeeps and would be glad to help you get your automobile back in working order! If you are convinced that your control arms need to be replaced, stop on by Supreme Suspensions.

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