1.5"-2" Rear Level Lift Kit Add-A-Leafs + U-bolts For 1997-2003 F-150 2WD

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Product Number: A10104


  • 2x Rear Heat Treated & Tempered Steel Add-A-Leafs
  • 4x Vibration Isolator Pads
  • 4x Premium Electrostatic Powder Coated U-Bolts

Supreme Suspensions Add-A-Leafs (Long, Short or Packs) are Crafted with machine tempered Spring Steel and then CNC precision is used to ensure that they perfectly fit each and every vehicle we designed them for. Not only does our manufacturing process increase their strength and comfort, but gives them an outstanding performance ability and the highest quality on the market. Our Leafs are engineered to lift your truck and increase load and towing capacity. Depending on the condition of your spring pack, our add-a-leafs will raise the rear of yout truck by 1.5-2". To ensure that our add-a-leafs have the same lifetime warranty as all our other parts, we crafted a proprietary coating that prevents decay and oxidation, but allows the leafs to naturally flex to the fullest extend without worry of the coating cracking and flaking off, unlike competitors Add-A-Leafs.


*An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle

*SRound U-Bolt are 10" Long, 3.5" Wide and 9/16" Threads

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