2.5" Front + 2" Rear Full Lift Kit Includes Add-a-Leafs Sway Bar Drop Fits 1993-1998 Toyota IFS T100

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Product Number: A10049



  • 2x Front Front Lift Spacers
  • 2x Rear Add-A-Leafs
  • 2x Differential Drop Spacers
  • 1x Sway Bar Drop Kit
  • Installation instructions

Toyota IFS T100 Suspension Lift Kits increase ground clearance. The extra clearance for the Lifted IFS T100 allows you to install larger tires to gain additional height for better visibility. Larger off-road tires help improve off-road performance. Supreme Suspensions® offers 2.5" front and 2" rear Toyota IFS T100 lift & leveling options to enhance the clearance, performance, and look of your IFS T100.

Toyota IFS T100 Lift & Leveling Kits

Our Lift Spacers for IFS T100 are meticulously engineered, precision CNC machined and corrosion resistant. Supreme Add-a-Leaf Rear Lift Kits are precision engineered to lift your truck and increase load and towing capacity. Depending on the condition of your spring pack, our add-a-leafs will raise the rear by 1.5-2". This kit comes complete with high grade hardware and easy-to-follow instructions for install. This Kit also includes our Sway Bar Drop Brackets that will adjust and correct your sway bar mounting location back to its correct and optimal angle for performance and reliability, and a differential drop to keep your CV axles from reaching high stress angles.


*Fits 4WD models only. 

*An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.

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