2000-2006 Chevy Avalanche 2500 Tie Rod Reinforcement Sleeves Kit 4WD

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Product Number: A6701


  • Tie Rod Reinforcement Sleevs
  • CNC Machined from 1045 Cold Rolled Steel, over 30% stronger than common 1018 steels
  • Prevents Tie Rods Bending From Heavy Impacts
  • High Performance Zinc-Nickel Coating Prevents Rust and Corrosion. Salt Spray Tested.
  • Increases the Thin Factory Tie Rod to Massive 1" Diameter
  • Increased Locking Thread Engagement for a More Reliable Alignment
  • Large Milled Wrench Indexes to Easily Tighten or Loosen From Any Angle
  • Deep Knurling for Quick Thread Cycling During Alignments
  • Overall Steering Support to combat added Stress from: Off-Road Upgrades, Bigger Wheels, Beefier Tire setups, etc.
  • Installation Instructions

Whether it's the wrong angle into a trail rut, or that pot-hole that road services just won't fix, your factory steering components are at risk. O.E. tie rods are the weakest link in your steering system and are prone to bending, or even breaking under adverse conditions. Don't get stuck needing to be towed home or to the shop, and don't risk tearing up your tires driving back with a severe toe problem. These Heavy-Walled Tie Rod Reinforcements will make your O.E. tie rods nearly impossible to bend or break. Choose the right kit the first time, Choose Supreme. Call or message us if you have any questions about our Tie Rod Reinforcement Kit or place your order today! 

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