2000-2013 GMC Yukon XL 2500 2WD 4WD ± 1.5° Upper Arm Camber/Caster Alignment & Lockout Kit

Product Number: A10646


  • Includes Complete Set of Front Camber/Caster Alignment Kit
  • Includes Grade 10.9 Replacement Upper Control Arm Bolts, Washers, and Nylon Locking Nuts
  • Precision CNC Laser Cut from 3/16" Steel for Extreme Strength and Accurate Alignment.
  • Corrosion Resistant Black Powder Coating to Inhibit Rust, Corrosion and Subsequent Seizing.
  • Allows for ± 1.5 Degrees of Camber and Caster Adjustment, in 0.5 deg. Increments.
  • Replaces OEM Slotted Eccentrics with Fixed Adjustment Points.
  • Prevents Unwanted Changes to Alignment Caused by Off-Road Driving, Worn Eccentrics, and Lost Locating Pins.
  • Replaces OEM Locating Pins with High-Strength Flange Head Locking Hardware.
  • Prevents Expensive Damage Caused by Sudden and Extreme Changes in Alignment Cam Position.
  • Allows for Quick and Easy on Vehicle Adjustments

Incorrect camber adjustment will cause excessive tire wear on one side of the tire tread and, in some cases, it will affect the steering and handling adversely. Maintaining proper wheel alignment is required to prevent expensive ball joint, control arm, spindle, axle, hub, wheel and tire damage caused by sudden and extreme changes in alignment cam position.

Supreme Suspensions wheel alignment and locking cam plates, bolts and nuts, are a simple but very effective solution for gaining and maintaining proper wheel alignment after altering the geometry and suspension angles. Our Camber / Caster Lock-out Kit allows for +/-1.5 degrees of Camber and +/- 1.5 degrees of Caster adjustment (in 0.5 degrees increments) helping you to regain proper alignment on your lifted truck and achieve optimal alignment settings by adding negative camber in the front, thus offsetting the additional height.


*An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.

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