2004-2012 Chevrolet Colorado 1-3" Front + 2" Rear Lift Includes Camber/Caster Alignment & Lockout Kit

Product Number: A10758


  • Includes 2x Cold-Forged Steel MAX-Torsion Keys
  • Includes 2x High-Strength Steel Rear Lift Shackles
  • Includes Full Set of Machined Steel Cam Plates, Grade 10.9 Bolts and Nuts
  • Precision CNC Machined for Extreme Strength and Accurate Fit
  • Proprietary Protective Coating to Prevent Oxidation, Corrosion & Rust
  • Re-indexed Keys For More Front End Lift While Maintaining Stock Ride Quality
  • Replace Worn-out OEM Slotted Eccentrics & Prevent Unwanted Alignment Changes
  • UCA Alignment Kit Allows for ±1.5° Degrees of Camber and Caster Adjustment Capability


✔ Compatible with 2WD Z71 Model equipped with Torsion Bars.

Developed and rigorously tested by in-house engineers, our MAX-Torsion Keys and Steel Lift Shackles are precision machined using only the latest in metal fabrication technology and received a special coating during production to protect against the elements, ensuring a lifetime of dependability under even the most extreme riding conditions. If you’re looking to level the stance of your Hummer, fit larger wheels and tires or pick up some ground clearance out on the trails, we have a kit tailored specifically to your truck and your needs.

We are proud to offer you our Caster/Camber Adjusting Kit, a simple but very effective solution for regaining proper wheel alignment after altering the geometry and suspension angles. Incorrect camber adjustment, as well as sudden and extreme changes in alignment cam position, can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle and cause damage to ball joints, control arms, spindles, axles, hubs, wheels, and tires. Precision CNC Laser Cut from 3/16" Steel and designed with seven alignment holes to keep the alignment locked in place, our adjusting kit allows for +/-1.5 degrees of Camber and Caster adjustment, in 0.5 degrees increments, helping you to regain proper alignment on your lifted vehicle, prevent damage to steering and suspension parts, and improve your vehicle safety. 


*Our re-indexed torsion keys are adjustable anywhere from 1" to 3" of lift and offer TWICE the strength of the factory keys.

*An alignment is always recommended after altering the height of your vehicle.

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