2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Differential Drop Kit 4WD

Product Number: A8648


  • 2x Differential Drop Spacers
  • Installation Hardware
  • Installation instructions

We are proud to offer you our brand new Differential Drop Kit, precision CNC machined from American High Grade Polyurethane made in Shelton, Connecticut. CNC Machined Billet Aluminum inserts are embedded deep in the polyurethane to further ensure the strength of our diff drop spacers, providing superior resistance for a lifetime of dependability under even the most extreme riding conditions.
Supreme Suspension's Diff Drop Kit is suitable for vehicles with 2-4" lift kits from our Pro-Billet series, as well as with pre-existing coil spring spacers already installed. This set of differential drop spacers is designed to lower your front differential and reduce the excess wear on CV joints and axles caused from lifting the front of your truck.

• Fits 6-Lug, 4WD models only.
• Will NOT Fit 2007 Classic Models.

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Customer Reviews

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Differential drop blocks

The blocks actually go thin side towards the inside of the truck, thicker side towards the radiator. Also, the two blocks are two different widths when you look at them the thinner one if you’re facing the front of the truck is on the left side winder one goes on the right side and They are actually thicker on one side also in other words, they taper down, then the pucks and they go in a different location then the pucks do the review above. He actually has them in the wrong way from what I’ve read what I seen and information that I was able to get from the company having them a little bit. Thicker is actually better because it drops the differential down just a little bit more than the actual pucks do, which helps to line everything up better.

Mario U
No cutting

Extremely happy with product. 2007 New Body GMC Sierra 4WD. No cross member cutting or diff cooling fin grinding.

Wider part of wedges sits toward back of truck, narrow to the front. When installed, due to the screw offset, the diff sits about an inch toward the front of truck and at a slight angle causing it to clear the cross member. Because of the angle the diff does sit lower than the regular one inch puck drop sold everywhere else and at this site. Is best for 3.5 inch lifts and above.

It does take longer to install, as mine did not come with instructions, so it did take a little tinkering, but it is well worth it. I did have to buy washers for the included screws so that they sit tight without damaging the alum diff. I also added Anti-Sease to the screw threads because of the different materials involved. As stated before extremely happy with product.