2015-2020 GMC Canyon 1" Front Leveling Lift Kit 2WD 4WD

Product Number: A8517


  • 4x Front Lift Spacers
  • Installation Instructions

Uneven suspension height, or "lean" is a common issue with most trucks, described as a lower static ride height on the driver side, typically 0.5" to 1" lower than the passenger side. This problem is attributed to extra vehicle components being located on the driver side of the truck. The fuel tank, battery, steering column, the driver, etc. Many owners end up going down a rabbit hole trying to find a solution, including expensive options such as larger or stiffer springs on one side to compensate for the weight distribution.

Supreme Suspensions lean spacer is a perfect addition for your truck, providing a quick and simple installation to remedy uneven ride height or simply to level the stance of your truck, fit larger wheels and tires or increase ground clearance. These spacers are made of High Strength Carbon-Steel and Laser Cut through a series of computer controlled processes, then powder coated in a brilliant black finish to prevent oxidation and corrosion.

These spacers can be used on stock suspension and with most aftermarket leveling and lift kits.

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