1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ Front Coil Spring Lift Spacers with Supreme Suspensions MAX Performance Shock Absorbers 2WD 4WD

Product Number: A10317


  • 2x High-Density Delrin Front Lift Spacers
  • 2x Front Extended Max Performance Series Shocks
  • 2x Premium Silicone Blend Shock Boots
  • Installation Hardware

✘ Does NOT fit vehicles equipped with welded bump stops.

Our Delrin Lift Kits are meticulously engineered and precision CNC machined from High-Density Delrin, for superior durability and corrosion resistance. Delrin has the highest tensile strength of any thermoplastic and is the best material available for heavy duty applications, while still being light-weight and resistant to typical corrosion associated with off-roading. Most aftermarket kits are flimsy welded steel, or cheap injection molded plastic. Choosing premium material parts should always be your #1 choice. We guarantee our High-Crystalline Performance Delrin Spacers will NOT compress under load.

We are proud to introduce our own Supreme Suspensions branded line of shock absorbers designed to better accommodate our lift kit and provide improved suspension travel and comfort.

Supreme Suspensions Nitrogen Gas Charged Shocks are engineered for driving enthusiasts who command maximum performance, in the most demanding conditions. A self-compensating heavy-duty nylon-banded full displacement piston and double-welded mounts ensure maximum strength and durability for any type of operation, on or off-road, loaded or unloaded, hauling or cruising, our shock absorbers will instantly react to changing road inputs to maximize ride stability, comfort and control.

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