Shock Guide 101: The Different Types of Truck Shocks
Shock Guide 101: The Different Types of Truck Shocks

Understanding the many types of truck shocks and the benefits each brings might be difficult. If you want to learn more about the parts that make your vehicle’s drive smooth and comfortable, here are the different types of truck shocks.


Because it uses heavier-duty components and requires a more exact production process, this type of shock absorber has the simplest design. The construction consists of a monotube, which means the shock body has just one wall and no second tube within, allowing for the most fluid volume possible. More fluid equals better heat dissipation and less shock fading. The piston also has a bigger diameter, which allows for more oil flow. A nitrogen chamber separate from the shock’s damping oil is another crucial element. A floating piston that moves in response to input from the damper piston pushing through the oil separates the two chambers.

Twin Tube

The most basic and popular shock in vehicles and small SUVs is the twin-tube shock, which utilizes a damper. An exterior can, an inner can, and a layer of foam separate the two pistons in a twin-tube shock. Oil is used as a dampening agent. Inertia dampers are used in twin-tube shocks, and the more force is applied to them, the more they resist movement. Twin tubes are some of the most efficient types of shocks, effectively countering the heat and fading that you’ll commonly see in other models such as bypass shocks.


One last type of shocks on the market is the bypass shock. Another somewhat effective method for fine-tuning suspension action is included in these monotube dampers. Bypass tubes, which can be exterior or internal, route some of the damping oil around a section of the main shock body before returning it to a precise point. One-way check valves in the bypass tubes ensure the oil flows in only one direction. Bypass shocks are prone to overheating and fading, which is why many people choose to go with monotube or twin tube shocks.

We hope this article has been helpful in familiarizing you with the different types of truck shocks. If you’re looking to purchase shocks and struts for lifted trucks, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions. We have an amazing selection of shocks to ensure we’re your one-stop shop for everything suspension related.

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