Top Benefits of Replacing Your Truck’s Shocks
Top Benefits of Replacing Your Truck’s Shocks

It doesn't matter what you drive or where you live when it comes to enhancing a car; either way, you'll start with the shocks first. In fact, shock absorbers are so vital to vehicle performance that replacing them with newer equipment can benefit every style of driving. On the other hand, OEM shock absorbers are made to cover as many areas as possible rather than focusing on just one (unless it's a specialty vehicle). Here are some of the amazing benefits of replacing your truck’s shocks.

It Will Upgrade Your Car

Vehicles are designed to fulfill a variety of needs, such as passenger comfort on the one hand and weight and terrain capability on the other. If your vehicle is subjected to severe loads, top heavyweight distribution, towing, or off-road conditions on a frequent basis, you may want to consider replacing your shocks with units that outperform the original equipment.

Your Shocks May Need Maintenance

Even on well-paved roads, the shocks can go up and down 1,500 to 1,900 times every mile. This can equate to more than 75 million cycles in 50,000 kilometers. Over time, performance deteriorates, and the driver is often unaware of how much control and handling has been lost. Shocks and struts should be replaced after 50,000 miles to maintain the vehicle running smoothly and extend its life.

Your Shocks May Not Perform Well

Ride control concerns caused by worn shocks and struts worsen over time, compromising the driver's ability to control the vehicle. Road testing and vehicle inspections by a licensed technician are advised every 12,000 miles to identify and keep the motorist aware of these issues.

Your Shocks May Already Be Failing Without Your Knowledge

Failures of the shock absorbers or struts pose a driving safety problem. You are controlled by your automobile if you are unable to control it. Excessive bounce, units leaking to the point of fluid spilling, cupping tires, and component damage visible during inspection are examples of failure evidence.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the top benefits of replacing your truck’s shocks! If you are looking to purchase high-quality shocks and struts for lifted trucks, be sure to reach out to Supreme Suspensions today!

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